Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Quagmire of Blagdorn- GB1 A Gearbox Adventure

The town of Blagdorn has been quietly sinking into the fetid salt marshes and swamps for centuries, slowly being lost to time and memory. A froggy menace is gathering power in this forgotten little hamlet, and plagues of frogs and toads are ruining what little business the town already had. Soldiers of fortune are brought in to deal with the menace and restore order to the town, but who really controls them? Will the townsfolk flee, or succumb to their batrachian fate? Are the Soldiers of Idalla genuinely working for their employers, or are they pursuing their own ends? What will the heroes find, hidden in the swampy, glowing mists of the Woeful Way... Play to find out in GB1-- "The Quagmire of Blagdorn"! 
GB1 Written by Alex Harms 
Gearbox adventures are short, system agnostic mini-settings. Each adventure provides a collection of influential forces, interesting locations and characters, and the motivations, events and circumstances which bring them to life. All components are given in narrative terms; it is up to the Game Master to translate the adventure into the game system of their choice. There is no prescribed plot; the Game Master should follow the story the adventure’s elements suggest to them and work with their players to play and find out what happens. Each adventure can be used as a whole mini-setting to spawn one-shot or ongoing adventures, or can be broken into its component parts and used in an established setting as the Game Master sees fit.